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The Lloyd Harbor Historical Society's
Jr. Docent Program

A docent is a person who educates people about a particular subject. A junior docent is a school-aged student who is trained to educate other school-aged children about a particular subject. At the Lloyd Harbor Historical Society (LHHS), adult docents give tours of the historic 1711 Henry Lloyd Manor House and barn and discuss the salient aspects of the 18th century architecture, furnishings, and lifestyle of the original residents of the Manor. The LHHS Junior Docent Program trains fourth grade students to give tours of the Manor house and to explain how the many household items contained therein were used by colonial people. Our fourth grade junior docents present their programs to their own fourth grade classes. Also, junior docents have the opportunity to invite their families, relatives, and friends to a special preview of their class presentations.
How the Program Works

Prior to the visit to our site by the classes, the junior docents are trained by two of our adult docents. On the day of the class visit to the Henry Lloyd Manor House and barn, the students in each class participate in a variety of activities. The teacher of each class has previously selected specific vocabulary words for concept development. Also, the teacher has pre-selected two "colonial crafts", such as tinsmithing, candle making, writing with quill pens, etc. for the crafts segment of the day's program. The vocabulary and crafts are correlated with the New York State Standards for learning outcomes, goals and objectives in particular subject areas. Hence, the teacher selects the specific objective and the specific subject area that he/she wishes to address. In this way the program is flexible and tailored to the needs of individual schools/classes/community groups. Also, the program can be modified to address a particular perceived need.

On the day of the class visit to the Manor, the junior docents give their classmates a tour of the Manor House, gardens, and barn. Each student, instructed by an adult docent, makes his/her own craft items, to take home. Usually, each student also gets the opportunity to churn butter, which is tasted on the corn bread that is provided for the group.

Post-Visit Activities
Teachers receive a follow-up work booklet, which they are free to reproduce. Activities in the follow-up booklet include vocabulary drill, concept expansion, artistic activities, writing activities, etc. Once again, while working in their own classrooms, the junior docents may have the opportunity to clarify concepts or further instruct their fellow students. The activity packet is intended for follow-up and review- at the teacher's discretion.
Reason for the Jr. Docent Program
Junior docents are impressive and effective as teachers. They earn the respect and attention of their fellow classmates by imparting knowledge and they get the opportunity to hone their speaking presentation skills. By actually showing the antique objects, which they are describing, both the docents and the students understand the explanations of the use of each object more easily.
What You Can Do

If you are interested in having your child's class participate in a junior docent program, encourage the teacher or principal to contact the LHHS at our website address. If you are a scout leader, club leader, group leader in some capacity, and wish a program tailored to your needs, contact the LHHS at
The cost is minimal at $2 per participant plus the cost of materials.